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Open Source TDCR Contact Model

5 minute read

In this post we present a tutorial on how to use our open source TDCR contact model (C++, MATLAB, Python interface). This model is capable of building custom...

Beyond Medical Applications

5 minute read

Opportunities for continuum robotics are largely unexploited, as the medical focus restricts and constrains innovation.

Sensing for Continuum Robots - Part 2

7 minute read

Today, we continue our introduction to sensing the state of a continuum robot. If you have missed Part I of the intro, look at last week’s blog post before y...

Sensing for Continuum Robots - Part 1

10 minute read

Continuum robots must perceive their own position, pose, or full shape, namely proprioception, and be able to feel external stimuli, namely exteroception.

2022 - That’s a wrap

3 minute read

A recap of the highlights of the year for the Open Continuum Robotics Project.

Introduction to Modeling

7 minute read

The slender structure of continuously bending robots can be represented by a space curve.

Tensor arm

1 minute read

An early continuum robot was driven by cables.

Types of Continuum Robots

8 minute read

Continuum robots can be classified according to the method and location of their actuation.

The First Continuum Robot

less than 1 minute read

The very first continuum robot is named after the Norwegian term for snake.

Motion Primitives

3 minute read

What are the motion capabilities of a continuum robot?

Open-source Modeling Dataset

1 minute read

The first public dataset for a concentric tube continuum robot to democrotize research on their learning-based and physics-based modeling.

Continuum Robotics 101

8 minute read

We are starting our 101 blog post series. In this category, we will present introductory concepts in continuum robotics targeted at novices who have prior kn...